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Service and Maintenance


Index Instruments are able to provide the highest level of support through either on-site or return to base preventative maintenance using original manufacturer standards and parts. Our Service Departments can offer either on-site or return to base Service Contract options together with loan instrument coverage to suit your time frame and maintenance budget.


Calibration is performed by Optical Activity Ltd.


Our service engineers can issue an Index Instruments Limited Certificate of Calibration whether your refractometer is serviced at your site or returned to the Index Instruments factory.

Alternatively, for refractometers returned to our site in Cambridgeshire, we can provide a traceable UKAS Certificate of Calibration though our associated company, Optical Activity Ltd. which is located on the same site. Optical Activity Ltd. is a UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service) accredited calibration laboratory, which can also provide UKAS Certificates of Calibration for standard refractometer samples

Installation and Commissioning

The correct installation of a new instrument is essential to ensure its long term performance. The majority of Index Instruments products are very straightforward to use and can easily be installed by the purchaser. An IQ and OQ installation binder can be purchased along with your new instrument to take you through the installation and produce full documentation to Good Laboratory Standard practices.

Especially suitable for the more complex installations with multi-instrument systems, Index Instruments also offer a full installation and commissioning service including placement and operational checks, IQ and OQ documentation, software configuration and set up, as well as calibration checks and operator training. Please ask us for a quotation for this service.


As part of Index Instruments' comprehensive service, practical and theoretical training programmes can be provided to meet customer requirements. This work is normally carried out on-site in the customer's laboratory following installation of equipment. If, however, you have inherited an instrument or instruments that are of an older generation, Index Instruments' headquarters in the UK and its subsidiary in the USA, include purpose-designed demonstration laboratory facilities that are fully equipped with instruments from our older ranges, designed and built in the early 1970's, to our current range of 32 refractometer and colorimeter models. Please contact Index Instruments Ltd. if you would like us to quote for your training needs.

Support Services

Both the Service Departments at our headquarters in Cambridgeshire, England and at our subsidiary in Florida, USA, offer telephone and email support. When you purchase an Index Instruments product, you can always be confident that you can contact an expert with extensive knowledge and experience for advice on how to optimise the performance of your refractometer or colorimeter and provide you with in-depth specialist advice on the use of these products in a wide variety of industries in which we have worked closely with customers over many years.

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