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Visual Hand Held Refractometers

Portable range of 'pocket' size refractometers with over 70 models to suit most applications in the field.....

Our extensive selection of economic refractometers are used in many industries to make quick and easy measurements. All models are manufactured from brass with a satin chrome finish and have rubber-insulated grips, a zero adjusting screw for calibration and eyepiece focusing.

These simple, reliable hand held refractometers are suitable for fruit juices, jam, honey, soft drinks, ripeness of fruit, sugar content of beet and cane juices, sauces, soluble oils, detergents, anti-freeze and numerous other products.

Models with automatic temperature compensation (ATC) are ideal for varying temperature conditions during a production process.

Available Scales:

  • Brix (% sucrose) - low or high range
  • Refractive index
  • Water in Honey
  • Salt (sodium chloride)
  • Salinity (of sea water)
  • Serum protein
  • Urine
  • Battery
  • Antifreeze
  • Alcohol (ethyl alcohol in water)
  • Alcohol (approximate % volume in wine)
  • Baume
  • Babo (Italian)
  • KMW (Austrian)
  • Oechsle
  • Urea Concentration(%DEF or AdBlue)
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  • Rugged, durable construction - made from brass with a satin chrome finish
  • High contrast demarcation line for easy, accurate readings
  • Easily adjusted zero line by means of a readily accessible screw
  • Over 70 models available
  • Low and affordably priced
  • Multi-scale versions
  • High accuracy
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