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VCH-1 Corneal Hydrometer Specifications

 VCH-1 Corneal Hydrometer
Scales: Refractive Index (RI) % Water Content (%H2O) 
The programmed formula relating water content to RI is the Fatt & Harris Relationship valid over the RI range 1.35 to 1.41
Range: 1.335 to 1.445 RI
Resolution: 0.001 RI 0.1% Water
Lamp: Yellow LED
Prism Material: Stain Resistant Flint Glass
Data Output: 1 x RS 232, 9 Way 'D' Socket
Power Requirements: 90-265 VAC 45-65 Hz
Probe Size: Length: 110 mm Diameter: 20 mm
Control Unit Size: W 120mm x D 160 mm x H 65 mm
Probe Weight: 100 gms
Controls Unit Weight: 400 gms

* The power supply is CE marked as suitable for clinical use.

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