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TMR 33-37 Refractometer

High accuracy refractometer for the soft drinks, fruit juice, sugar, brewing and blending industries....

The TMR 33-37 high accuracy refractometer is ideal for the demanding applications in the soft drinks, fruit juices and sugar refining industries. Also used in the brewing, distilling and blending industries.

With close temperature control, the instrument will give repeatability of better than 0.000003RI which makes the TMR 33-37 refractometer the first choice for analysis in other fields such as water purity monitoring.

Built in menus guide the user through the analysis set up procedure, ensuring simple, error free operation. Multiple measuring scales including refractive Index (RI), Brix (% sucrose), Temperature Corrected Brix, Zeiss and a user programmable scale. The User Scale is very simple to set up needing just two standard solutions. The units can be defined in any way the operator requires.

In the Sugar Purity mode, special built-in software provides automatic calculation of Apparent Sugar Purity when linked to a suitable Optical Activity polarimeter. The calculation allows for the sample clarification process (Wet Lead, Dry Lead or No Lead) and has a simple set up procedure to interface with AA-10, PolAAr or SacchAAr model polarimeters.

Maintenance has been virtually eliminated, the instrument has a stabilised LED light source with an expected life of more than 500,000 hours. Sampling is by a built-in peristaltic pump giving excellent precision and reproducibility. The synthetic sapphire prism surface provides reliable, accurate reading even with the most aggressive samples. Additionally, there is a choice of sample cell configurations. The standard simple cell has 1.6mm bore fittings and is designed for non viscous fluids. Liquids containing suspended matter such as natural fruit pulp can be measured using the specially designed 'Orange juice' cell. Both cells have a small internal volume (less than 0.5ml) to ensure negligible carry over from previous samples. There is no need to flush the cell between samples. At the end of a sample batch or shift, the cell can be flushed clean using a single button control. This avoids the need to reset the sampling conditions and eliminates errors.

For the soft drinks industry, there is an optional 'Re-sorb' feature allowing direct readings to be made using carbonated samples and makes the instrument ideal for 'beside-the-line' use in a packing hall.

In a busy manufacturing environment, the TMR 33-37 has a user defined intelligent stability mode that automatically senses when the sample has come to a constant value. On reaching this point, the instrument reads the sample and outputs the result. This feature avoids lost measuring time and improves efficiency without any compromise to analytical integrity.

With initiatives such as GLP, GMP and VAM commonplace in manufacturing and laboratory analysis, traceability of measurements is essential. The TMR 33-37 outputs the date and time of every measurement together with the scale, temperature and measured value. Two RS232 outputs are provided for data collection using a printer and/or PC. There is also a remote input socket to trigger the instrument sampling pump in an automatic on-line set up.

Calibration of the instrument can be checked and the set point (zero) adjusted using a few simple keystrokes on the display. Calibration standards are available for routine instrument verification. They are non-toxic and safe for use in a food-processing environment.

Technical Specifications Download Brochure
  • 6th decimal place resolution of RI
  • Integral programmable peristaltic pump
  • Multiple measuring scales including 'Zeiss'
  • 0 to 25 Brix or equivalent in other scales
  • Date and time of every measurement displayed and output
  • Autoprint mode
  • Intelligent stability option
  • Simple to use

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