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GR-1 Gas Laser Refractometer
Resolution: 1, 0.1, 0.01, 0.001 fringes, equivalent to Refractive Index 1 x 10-6, 1 x 10-7, 1 x 10-8, 1 x 10-9.
  Switchable noise reduction filter on displayed result that shows average reading if   result is unstable
Range: ±2.09715175 Refractive Index equivalent to ±2097151 fringes
Display: Liquid Crystal Display showing the following: Fringe count, differential refractive index, at least 50 gas concentration scales. The display also indicates if any fringes have been missed (error detection), available menus and other advice and information as required.
Keyboard: 16 keys: 0-9, Minus, Dot, Scroll, Print, Enter, Zero
Outputs: Two RS 232 full duplex serial ports: Port 1-printer, Port-2 PC
Connection: A user entered serial number can be output along with the results
Housings: Optical unit: precision aluminium casting
  Counter: desktop console with membrane keypad.
Size: Optical unit: width 775mm x depth 385mm x height 165mm
  Counter: width 290mm x depth 200mm x height 130mm (rear) 60mm (front) 
Voltage: 110 or 230 V AC, 50 or 60 Hz

Note:In addition to storing up to 50 gas concentration scales, each scale may be given an identifier of up to ten characters.  Without the correct security code, the programmed confidential concentration factors cannot be altered. Resolution of the gas concentration scale can be user set after entering the calibration factor. A separate security code is required before the resolution can be altered.

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