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CLR 12-70 Contact Lens Refractometer

Fully automatic, fast, accurate measurement for the contact lens industry....

Designed for fast, accurate measurement of Refractive Index (RI), Water Content or Brix (%Solids), Temperature Corrected Brix complete with 10 user programmable percent water content scales.

Uses an advanced version of the procedure recommended in Annex C of BS ISO 10339:1997. Measures clear or coloured iris lenses with equal ease and accuracy.

Built in user programmable, water content scales for up to 10 different polymer materials.

Working with a leading manufacturer of contact lenses, Index Instruments have developed the CLR 12-70 Fully Automatic Refractometer. The instrument will allow you to measure Refractive Index, Percent Solids and Direct Water Content (using the special user programmable scales), with accuracy and speed.

The CLR 12-70 will measure standard clear iris and coloured iris types with equal ease, accuracy and reproducibility. Gone are the problems of slow, inaccurate, manual refractometers. With the CLR 12-70 you can measure an average of 60 samples an hour. The instrument has been designed for simplicity of operation, allowing you to move quality control out of the laboratory and into the production area. Results can be obtained faster and changes in production quality constantly monitored to reduce costs and improve efficiency. The CLR 12-70 has software-controlled keyboard lock, therefore only you, with the correct pass-codes, can change the analysis parameters.

Analysis methods used in the instrument have been taken from the recommended procedure in BS ISO 10339:1997 Annex C and BS EN ISO 9914:1997, the British Standards for the Determination of Water Content of Hydrogel Lenses by Refractive Index of Contact Lens Materials.

The user simply places the lens or material blank onto the sample holder. On closing the holder, the reading is automatically initiated and the value displayed in the units required - RI, Solids or % H2O. Results can be output to a computer or printer through the built-in RS232 ports.

Close up of 12-70 display

For traceability, date and time is output with every result. A simple identifier can also be added. This can be numeric, alphanumeric (from our Keyboard Accessory) or Barcode scanner. With a digital printer connected you can collect complete analysis details.

High Accuracy

The instrument has an absolute accuracy of ± 0.0001 RI for typical samples. An operator can achieve good reproducibility (eg ± 0.0005 RI) after simple instruction.

The intelligent stability software allows the user to set the level of variation in the reading that is acceptable for their application.

Readings are normally carried out at 20ºC, but the CLR 12-70 will handle any temperature up to 70ºC. Accurate temperature control of the synthetic sapphire prism is provided by connecting to a thermocirculator, such as our LTD-6 model. The CLR 12-70 is also fully waterproof to protect it from even the wettest operating environment.

Technical Specifications Download Brochure
  • Soft (Hydrophilic) lenses
  • Gas permeable lenses
  • Polymer/Monomer materials
  • Buttons

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