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TCR range specifications

Scales: Refractive Index (RI)
Brix (% sucrose)
Temperature Corrected Brix (% sucrose, corrected to 20°C
User programmable Scale
Display: Back-lit liquid crystal display panel giving name of selected scale, reading, sample temperature and real time clock
Display resolution: RI 0.00001
Brix (and temperature corrected Brix) 0.01%
Temperature 0.01°C
Real time clock to 1 minute
Accuracy at 20°C: From 0.02 Brix at 0 Brix to 0.04 Brix at 95 Brix or equivalent in other scales
Output: Standard RS232
Data output to printer/PC: Time, Date, Name of selected scale (e.g. RI or Brix), reading and Temperature
RI range: 1.33 to 1.53 (equivalent to 0 to 95 Brix)
Temperature control: Peltier Cell, Internal electronic control of prism and sample cup
Sample Temperature: Internal control range without cooling assistance, approx. +20°C to -10°C from ambient   temperature
Cooling assistance: All instruments have facility for cooling assistance with flowing temperature   controlled water
Temperature stability: 0.03°C
Temperature accuracy: ±0.1°C at 20°C
Reproducibility: For a stable sample, better than 0.00003 RI or equivalent in other scales
Readout time: Continuous reading every 3 seconds, or user presettable from 3 to 999 seconds, time to temperature stability dependent on temperature differentials
User defined stability: User can choose to display result only after reading has stabilised
Wavelength: 589nm (Sodium Yellow)
Light source: LED
Prism material: Synthetic   sapphire
Waterproof: Instrument totally waterproof to IP67 standard
Controls: On instrument, PRINT/READ button only
On power supply, mains ON/OFF switch
All other controls for changing scales, selecting mode, programming, etc., on hand held remote control unit
Dimensions: Instrument, W 237 x D 235 x H 170mm Power supply, W 93 x D 213 x H 89mm
Weight: Instrument 5Kg, Power supply 1.75Kg
Power requirements: 86 to 265V AC, 47 to 63Hz nominal, less than 40W

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