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General Purpose Refractometers

Temperature controllable, to both prism and sample cover, by flowing fluid from a thermocirculator temperature range of 5°C~70°C .....

All of this refractometer series feature a small compact design and a robust waterproof construction, with raised display to make cleaning easy and to avoid spillage damage. There are no moving parts to wear out and the LED light source ensures long maintenance free life. The synthetic sapphire prism is virtually impossible to damage.

The GPR series refractometers are supplied complete and ready to use with a temperature controllable hinged sample cover suitable for most types of samples from thin liquids to thick pastes. A selection of alternative sample cells is also available to make these instruments even more versatile. These include a range of volume flow cells and covers for measuring specially prepared solid samples.

Refractive index (RI), Brix (sucrose percent), temperature corrected Brix, temperature corrected RI and up to 10 user calibrated scales are available on all this refractometer series. The instruments can be set to read continuously so that the operator just has to apply a sample to the prism and read or print the result. Alternatively any of these refractometers can be set by the user with a delay time to allow for sample stabilisation. A very useful feature is the operating mode where the refractometer automatically monitors the sample stability and only gives the reading when a stable result has been reached. The user can set the level of stability required to minimise the reading time for the required accuracy.

To comply with the growing requirement for good quality control practice and traceability, the GPR series refractometers all print time and date and optionally a sample number with every reading. The onboard menu provides a feature to disable or enable memory storage of the last 100 measurements that can be viewed for reference or down loaded to a PC or printer. A bar code scanner can be used with the GPR series to further simplify sample identification and recording. Data can be output via the two RS232 outputs. A third input/output socket allows remote operation or provides a pulse to start associated equipment. For security some functions of the keypad can be inhibited to prevent unauthorised use. A security code is then required to re-enable the full keyboard functions.


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Two models available

  • GPR 12-70 wide range - RI 1.32 to 1.68 - Brix 0 to 100%
    reading to 4th decimal place of RI (or 1st decimal place of Brix)
  • GPR 12-70X enhanced accuracy model, same wide range as GPR 12-70, reading to 5th decimal place of RI and 2nd decimal place of Brix.

Application Notes

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