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Technical Specification
Part Number: 10-0-10 10-0-20 10-0-30
Wavelength: 420nm 420nm and 560nm 420nm and 720nm
All wavelengths selected by very narrow bandwidth filters
Scale: mau (milli-absorbance units) and I.U. (ICUMSA colour units) mau and I.U.

mau and I.U. at 420
mau and RBU (Reference Basis Colour Units) at 720

Range: 0 to 2500 mau
Resolution: 1 mau,  0.1 I.U. 1 mau,  0.1 I.U 1 mau,  0.1 RBU,  0.1 I.U.
Accuracy / Reproducibility: ±3 mau
Maximum path length: 163mm
Sample compartment: Open access for easy cleaning, with simple to wipe windows which prevent spillage into optics
Lamp: 12V 20W halogen lamp, typical life in excess of 2000 hours
Display: Liquid crystal panel giving simultaneously, absorption reading, calculated colour and set wavelength, cell length and Brix
Data output: Two RS232 ports (USB adapter available with Data Acquisition Software as optional accessory)
Controls: Mains ON/OFF switch, three keys for ZERO, PRINT and SCROLL
Power requirements: 90 to 260V ac, 47 to 63 Hz
Size: Approximately 390mm wide x 205mm deep x 90mm high
Weight: Approximately 6 Kg net, 8.5 Kg packed
Cells and Dark & Raw Sugar Kit
Part No. 10-1-10 163mm path length, stainless steel (316 grade) with zinc crown optical glass windows
Part No. 10-1-11 Set of 3 glass cells, path lengths 10mm, 20mm and 50mm. Supplied with copy of ICUMSA Method GS 1-7
Part No. 10-1-12 100mm path length, stainless steel (316 grade) with zinc crown optical glass windows
Optional Accessories
Part No. 05-4-10 Printer 220/240V, 80 character width RS232 input
Part No. 05-4-15 Printer 110/115V, 80 character width RS232 input
Part No. 05-4-19 Alphanumeric keyboard/interface, size 340mm wide x 240mm deep x 40mm high, weight approximately 1.2 Kg
Part No. 05-4-26 Data Acquisition Software for PC, including lead and USB adapter

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