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Calibration Standards


Choose from three widely used standards:

            Lithium Fluoride          RI 1.3921 at 20°C
            Calcium Fluoride         RI 1.4339 at 20°C
            Silica                            RI 1.4584 At 20°C

Accuracy: published data gives accuracy to at least the 5th decimal place of RI.  Achievable accuracy depends on the refractometer being checked.
Supplied as 100mm diameter by approximately 5mm thick discs for easy handling.
Full instructions for use are provided with the test pieces along with recommendations of which contact fluids are suitable for each application.

Glass solid test pieces are available to special order in many different values, accuracy depending on material.

with UKAS Certificates of Calibration (UKAS IS the United Kingdom Accreditation Authority)

General purpose standards with shelf life of 12 months

Available in 30 ml sealed bottles with Brix values from 5%Brix to 60%Brix (approximately 1.34 to 1.44 RI), accuracy from 0.02%Brix to 0.1%Brix, depending on value.  For full details see Technical Specification sheet or buy on-line at www.refractometers.com

Selected standards are also available in larger bottles (packs of 4x125ml sealed bottles) for special applications.  These are ideal for calibration checking of the Index Instruments TMR range of refractometers.

with Certificates of Calibration traceable to NIST (U.S.A. National Institute of Standards Technology)

Master standards with shelf life of 10 years

These are pure liquids and therefore are the most stable samples with time.  Once opened the sample will have a shelf life of about half the unopened bottle provided it is stored correctly and protected from contamination.

Available in 7ml sealed bottles.  Accuracy ±0.00005 RI.  For available values refer to Technical Specification sheet.

Standard Liquids with shelf life 5 years

These are stable mixtures, also available in 7ml sealed bottles, accuracy ±0.0002 RI, with approximate Brix values 12.0, 25.0 or 50.0 (approximate RI 1.3500, 1.3700 or 1.4200).  Other values available to special request.

Technical Specifications Download Brochure
  • Wide range of standards available
  • Liquids and solids
  • Long Life standards
  • Available with UKAS Certificates of Calibration
  • or Certificates of Calibration traceable to NIST
  • or Index Instruments Ltd. Manufacturer’s Certificates
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