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Mission Statement

The aim of the Company is to manufacture high quality scientific instruments which perform to specification and give reliable service to our customers, which our customers will recommend to others and which our sales team are proud to sell.

To provide a high quality repair and maintenance service to all our customers helping our customers to get the best from our products and remain happy with their purchases.

To continue to develop our products to remain at the forefront of our field, producing instruments that perform as our customers want them to perform.

Index Instruments have been making refractometers since 1979 and offer a wealth of experience in this specialised field of scientific instrumentation.

All of our equipment is designed with simplicity of use in mind. With their automatic control routines, even unskilled personnel can obtain quick, accurate results, freeing qualified technicians or chemists or other work. Training time is minimised and maintenance costs are very low.

We spend a high proportion of our turnover in a programme of continuous research and development to improve and innovate our products.

For over 30 years our instruments have been used in education, research, QC laboratories and production plants, particularly in the sugar and pharmaceutical industries.

The company is based near Cambridge in the UK and all of our instruments are designed, assembled, calibrated and tested here. You are very welcome to visit us in our extensive premises and see for yourself what makes us a world leading manufacturer of refractometers.

You can select from our extensive range of instruments with the confidence of knowing we are the designers and manufacturers of the equipment and that we take the utmost pride in maintaining its quality and reliability.

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